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    Turmeric Honey Eczema Cream


    Our thick, rich turmeric eczema cream absorbs instantly, providing moisture to areas of the body that are prone to dryness. It may help to soothe dry, itchy, inflamed skin, hydrate and moisturize dry skin, fight the signs of skin aging, reduce stretch marks/ scars and even skin tones.

    Turmeric can do wonders for you and your skin. This includes assisting with natural acne treatment, revitalizes skin, protects skin from acne, gently exfoliate excess skin, invigorates the skin to create a healthy glow, acts as a natural anti-bacterial agent, helps prevent skin rashes, a natural moisturizer, May treat and prevent dryness, and excellent for uneven skin pigmentation.

    Honey may speeds up your skin cells’ healing processes. If you have blemishes or an eczema outbreak, honey could speed healing up and reduce inflammation. Honey is also a natural exfoliator, that removes dry, dull skin and reveals new skin cells underneath.


    Ingredients: Refined Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Avocado Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Arrowroot Powder, Bees Wax Pastilles, Turmeric Powder, Zinc Oxide, Raw Honey, Essential Oils


    Customer Reviews

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    This eczema cream has been a lifesaver for my son. He suffers from eczema really bad and nothing was working. I found this product at Atlantic Station and I’m a customer for life. My son’s eczema has clear up tremendously and he’s skin looks so much better. I highly recommend this product.

    We are so happy our bar is working for your son! Thank you for your review!

    Dee Dee
    Great Products

    I have been ordering from NYC Essentials for about 1 year and half now and I'm trying them all. I LOVE the products and the customer service and my value as a customer. I'm ordering things for my husband now. Trying to get him on board. Thank you for your products I LOVE THEM. The creme makes me feel soft and it lasts all day.


    This worked wonders for my eczema !!

    An amazing product that really work!

    This cream is amazing and it really works. I have very sensitive skin and could never use a lot of different products on my skin due to years of patchy Eczema. I decided to take a chance and I tried this cream and found it to be amazing. It is refreshing and after a few days I found my skin softer with a refreshing change of leveling out my skin tone. I am amazed. It is working for me thank you. I sincerely suggest and highly recommend you try this product.

    Chante Jackson
    Life Transforming

    I purchased this eczema cream at a pop-up event and it has completely changed my life. I suffered from eczema really bad. Nothing seemed to work. I hated how my skin looked. Within a week of using this cream, I started to notice a difference. My skin looks and feels so much better. I highly recommend this product!!

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